#22: Kingship in the OT: The Northern Kingdom of Israel

The story of the Northern Kingdom of Israel is a tragedy with fractured dynasties, spiritual and moral apostasy, and exile. This is the third episode in a series on kingship in the OT.   Available at Amazon USA / UK

#21: Kingship in the OT: The United Monarchy

Did you know that only three kings ruled a united Israel? We discuss Saul, David, and Solomon. This episode is the second in a series on kingship in the OT. For additional insights on the rule of King Saul check… Continue Reading →

#20: Kingship in the OT: The Big Picture

We know about King David and other kings of the Bible. But did you know that you were created to be royalty? This episode is the first in a series on kingship in the OT.   T. Desmond Alexander’s book… Continue Reading →

#15: Prosopological Exegesis (Interview with Matthew Bates)

Does the Old Testament record the very words of Jesus? In this special interview, I discuss prosopological exegesis with Matthew Bates.

#14: The Purposes of Romans

Knowing the purposes behind Paul’s letter to the Romans can be surprising and helpful for seeing just how practical and relevant it is.

#12: Typology

Becoming sensitive to the use of typology can really enhance one’s understanding of the Bible. Learn what typology is and isn’t, and how it can benefit your study.

#5: The Tanak

Why do Hebrew copies of the Old Testament have a different order than that found in our English Bibles? Lindsay and Randy discuss the differences and why they matter.

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