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#23: Kingship in the OT: The Southern Kingdom of Judah

The Southern Kingdom of Judah, though having a slightly better track record than Israel in the north with several righteous kings, also ends in exile. This is the fourth episode in a series on kingship in the OT.   The… Continue Reading →

#19: Micah (Interview with Stephen Dempster)

An Interview with Stephen Dempster on his excellent commentary on Micah in the Two Horizons series. We discuss how to better read Micah and why Dempster’s time in Cameroon helped him write the commentary.

#18: Character Studies in 1 and 2 Samuel

An Interview with Randy McCracken about his book “Family Portraits: Character Studies in 1 and 2 Samuel.”

#14: The Purposes of Romans

Knowing the purposes behind Paul’s letter to the Romans can be surprising and helpful for seeing just how practical and relevant it is.

#13: The Background to Romans

What do Emperor Claudius’ decree in AD49 and a mysterious figure called “Chrestus” have to do with Paul’s letter to the Romans?

#8: The Psalter

The Psalms have a unique place in the Biblical canon and in the worship of Jews and Christians. Psalms are commonly read individually, but what if we read them as part of a book: the Psalter?

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