#17: Flow of Thought

How do we understand the carefully constructed logic of the New Testament letters and avoid reading out of context?

#16: Gaps

Have you ever wondered why the Bible doesn’t tell us who Cain’s wife is, or why the Gospels give different lists of who came first to the tomb? Why do these gaps (and others) exist in the biblical narrative and… Continue Reading →

#15: Prosopological Exegesis (Interview with Matthew Bates)

Does the Old Testament record the very words of Jesus? In this special interview, I discuss prosopological exegesis with Matthew Bates.

#12: Typology

Becoming sensitive to the use of typology can really enhance one’s understanding of the Bible. Learn what typology is and isn’t, and how it can benefit your study.

#11: Chiasmus

Have you noticed that Scripture often repeats itself in reverse, creating a mirror image? This is known as a chiasm. Chiasmus are a tool the Biblical authors used regularly, and in this episode we discuss their importance.

#9: Inclusio

Inclusio, or bracketing, is a literary framing technique found regularly in the Bible. In this episode, we, along with our guest Spencer Robinson, examine some examples of inclusio in Scripture and why they matter.

#7: The Mark Sandwich

When reading the Gospel of Mark, have you ever found that he interrupted himself mid-story to tell a different one? If so, you have tasted what’s known as a Markan Sandwich, also known as intercalation.

#5: The Tanak

Why do Hebrew copies of the Old Testament have a different order than that found in our English Bibles? Lindsay and Randy discuss the differences and why they matter.

#4: The Biblical Narrator

We examine the narrative genre and what literary scholars call “the biblical narrator.” Identifying who is speaking and being sensitive to the biblical narrator’s voice can, at times, prevent confusion, and greatly enhance our understanding of the biblical story.

#3: Genre

We discuss the importance of genre for Bible study. What is genre, how does genre influence meaning, how do we identify a genre? How can understanding genre help our reading?

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