BeyondReadingArtBeyond Reading the Bible helps listeners engage with the Bible on a deeper level by making the complicated simple. We discuss a wide range of topics: historical and cultural background, theology, literary techniques, and more. Our goal is to help connect you with the living Word.

The Hosts

RandyMcCrackenRandy McCracken // I was born in Pittsburgh, Pa. and have lived in various places in the states before moving to York, England in 2004 to teach at Calvary Chapel Bible College. I met my wife, Gloria, in Bible College in Portland, Or. and we married in 1976.

I have served the Lord in various capacities over the years including worship leader, elder, pastor, and Bible College teacher. I am passionate about the Old Testament because of how its message changed my life as a young Bible College student. I am especially fond of Old Testament narrative and have authored a book entitled, Family Portraits: Character Studies in 1 and 2 Samuel from WestBow Press. I also enjoy studying and teaching about Old and New Testament Backgrounds.

My hobbies include playing guitar, writing songs, and watching American Football and Baseball whenever I get the chance.

Randy’s Website: Bible Study With Randy.

LindsayKennedyLindsay Kennedy // I was born and raised in Australia before moving to the mission field in Europe in 2008. I lived in Hungary and Austria before moving to York, England, where I met my wife and began teaching at Calvary Chapel Bible College in 2012. In March 2016, we moved to Washington, USA and I am a student at Western Seminary.

I love to study the Bible and I have the joy to share my discoveries with others. One of the best feelings is when I see someone’s eyes light up from a mental lightbulb switching on. My interests are broad, but I particularly enjoy Paul’s letters, the Psalter, and how the New Testament uses the Old.

My wife Natasha and I have three children: Isa, Whitfield, and Collette. My wife and I co-wrote and designed a graphic novel called Reklas Abandon (2014) and a children’s book called Where I Go When I Sleep (2017). In my spare time I hang out with my family, play board games, work on art, and squeeze reading in at any quiet moment I can get!

Lindsay’s Website: My Digital Seminary.